Flowers are restful to look at. “They have neither emotions nor conflicts” – Sigmund Freud. While flowers do smell very nice, their added beauty comes from their visual appeal. As everyone has distinct tastes and preferences, you can visit some florists to find out what works best.

Hotels and restaurants place different types of flower arrangements in different places. Your arrangements should also match your room size, lighting and décor. Large, spectacular arrangements are suitable for lobbies, restaurants, etc. The extent to which flowers should be used depends upon the degree of luxury provided.

The oval arrangement shape adds a good pleasant element. It is satisfying to viewers’ eyes. Triangular arrangements are most commonly used for personal and professional functions. They can also be used for buffet tables or inside stations.

Potted ferns or orchids are the best option for office spaces or your home. Focal flowers are the largest and most prominent flowers in arrangements like roses, hydrangeas and lilies.

Useful tip: Always use warm water in your flower vases to keep arrangements fresh for longer.