The first essential tool to deliver quality service is having good people work for you. While today’s labour market for entry-level associates is ever expanding, the supply chain has not been developed. When this is combined with the seemingly more attractive oppurtunities in other industries, the hospitality industry tends to lose out. A robust hiring process helps ensure that you have the right associate for the right position. So what are the personality traits you should look for?

  • Humility: The hospitality industry is one where you need to keep your ego in check. While it is necessary to have a certain amount of self confidence, this has to be tempered with a strong dose of humility. The last thing an owner or manager needs is an employee who comes across as arrogant.
  • Communication: While a certain degree of proficiency in Hindi and English is required, non-verbal communication is equally important. As an owner/manager it is necessary that you check the vocabulary used and confidence displayed while speaking. Asking a few tricky or provocative questions during the interview will also enable you to gauge the candidate’s adaptation to sudden changes in circumstances, eg, a customer complaint.
  • Eagerness to Serve: A large number of freshers in the industry are seduced by the external trappings of glamour that they see in the hospitality industry. However, as we all know, there is a lot of sweat and tears involved in pulling off a successful show every night. In today’s social media savvy age, all associates must ensure equitable treatment to all. It is also essential to remember that while it is nice to always have the smartest person in the room working for you, it is better to have an associate who may not have the highest IQ, but is eager to serve.