Keith MascarenhasCo-Founder & Managing Director
After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies, Human Resources and Accounting from the University of Windsor, Canada, Keith joined Royal Consultants Pvt Ltd, a leading recruitment company, in 2005.

Since then, he has gathered almost a decade of experience in the field of HR during which time he has worked with clients across India.

Aditya MaheshwariCo-Founder & Managing Director
An MBA in Finance & Marketing, Aditya is an entrepreneur by nature. He has run his own successful restaurant business which he sold to explore the corporate world.

Now an ex-investment banker, Aditya has an in-depth understanding of different businesses and recognises the skills each team member needs to successfully deliver results.

Anirudh MaheshwariCo-Founder & CEO
An MBA in International Hospitality Management with Finance from the leading Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, Switzerland, Anirudh brings a global perspective to the business.

He brings several years of experience from different segments of the hospitality industry including hotels, restaurants and night clubs as well as experience in supplying equipment to start-up hotels and assisting their pre-opening teams.

His work as a Teaching Assistant at the Les Roches School has given him the ability to train and guide junior and senior staff in their career paths and become an ace spotter of talent.