Best-In-Class Training Facilities

Well-appointed classrooms to train a

higher performing hospitality workforce

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Reinforcing Occupational Safety

Essential guidelines to streamline

safety processes

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Empowering Staff
To Win You Customers

Great service to create

memorable experiences

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Good Housekeeping.
Great Experiences.

Establish best practices for

superior housekeeping operations

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Customised Training Solutions for Service Organisations

About Cornerstone

Customer satisfaction is a key driver of profitability in consumer-facing businesses. As a result, a well-trained team becomes a strategic asset in the quest to acquire and retain valuable customers. Having recognised this, Cornerstone’s suite of training programs is geared to equip staff with the skills to impress customers at every touchpoint.

At Cornerstone, an affiliate of IndoSource Solutions, we provide customised training solutions for service organisations. With over three decades of combined shop floor experience, our faculty offers unmatched expertise that combines theory and practice to deliver highly effective performance-oriented training programs.

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